If you are a current patient of Center for Family Psychiatry, please review a few of our office policies. We strive to meet every patients needs so take note of the following:

• Refill requests and messages requesting a call back are taken by phone call or by leaving a voicemail on our nurse line. If you request a refill before 11 a.m. it will be processed that day under most circumstances. Any requests after 11 a.m. may not be processed until the next business day. For example, if you call requesting a prescription refill at 1 p.m. it may not be available that same day.

• When leaving a message for a refill of a controlled substance that must be sent electronically, please leave your current pharmacy name and street address. ( We must send the Rx electronically to your preferred pharmacy so if you use a Walgreen’s or CVS on Kingston Pike please list the street address as there are many pharmacies on Kingston Pike.)

• A 24 hour advance request is needed for prescriptions that must be sent electronically to your pharmacy. If you stop by the office without calling first, we can not stop clinic flow to get you a Rx. Please call ahead of time to request and then wait 24 hours to check the availability at your preferred pharmacy.

• If you need to come by the office for a urine drug screen and don’t have an appointment you may do so between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. This applies for injections as well. UDS and injections will not be done after 3 p.m. unless you have called and had a time prearranged.

• Lost or stolen prescriptions for controlled substances will not and can not be replaced for any reason. It is very important that you take preventative measures to ensure the safety of your medications. Lock boxes are recommended for controlled substances as well as all other medications. Keep your medications away from children and animals.

• If you leave a message requesting a call back our number may show up as private or restricted as we are calling from the back office lines so please make sure your voicemail box isn’t full if you want us to leave you a message.

• We have a 24 hour emergency line that may be accessed by calling our main phone number and following the prompts for an emergency. The emergency line is not to be used for standard refill requests or other situations that can be handled during normal business hours. You may be charged for calls that are not an emergency. Please always go to the emergency room at a hospital immediately if experiencing a medical emergency.